Certificate Transparency playground

What is catlfish?

Catlfish is an implementation of a Certificate Transparency log.

The code

Current status

  • There is no release for production use yet.
  • Most current BETA release is catlfish-0.10.2.
  • It's functional, RFC6962 compliant, distributable, Docker enabled.

Running it

If you want to run your own log, you will need plop and catlfish from NORDUnet.

For build instructions, see README.

For released software, see https://www.ct.nordu.net/dist/.

For software still in development:

git clone https://git.nordu.net/plop.git
git clone https://git.nordu.net/catlfish.git

Public test logs


Please see catlfish releases in the bug tracker.

Points of contact

Mailing list: catlfish

You have to be subscribed to the list in order to send email to the list. Use the address catlfish -at- nordu.net to post to the list.

If you prefer email over the web interface for joining the list, send an email to listserv@segate.sunet.se with "subscribe catlfish" in the email body.

Bug tracker

We're using Jira, see project catlfish.

You can open a ticket by sending email to catlfish-bugs -at- nordu.net.

In order to add more info to tickets you need to be logged in and use the web interface. The following federations are accepted: Kalmar, Google+, Facebook. A number of nordic universities are accepted in addition to these federations, see the login page for the complete list.


IRC: #ct @ OFTC.net

Other resources


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